How to optimize a blog post

While content of blog post is important, don’t miss the technical details to gain maximum exposure in search engines.

4 Compelling Reasons to Add a Blog to Your Web Site

add a blog to your web site

After looking at more than 2000 security companies web sites in the last month, I noticed that majority of these web sites were created just for for show. All have the customary about us page, contact details, and maps. Very … Continued

Guest posting tips: Importance of good contents

Three words: “Content is King”. Websites and bloggers who accept guest posts, while willing to host articles, obviously want well-written, well-researched, entertaining pieces – in short, great articles.

Guest posting tips: What to look for

Hunting sites to guest post means adapting to the various types of audience in the blogosphere. Oftentimes, you need to be creative on how you clinch the guest post and where and when to do so. Here are some techniques that might help you.