Guest Posting – For Blogger

Guest blogging is an effective way to get visitors and boost your search engines ranking

As we have pointed out in a previous article, guest posting is a Win-Win situation for all parties involved. Particularly, in guest blogging, the process of hosting someone else’s content on a blog makes the blog owner win because he gets excellent content for his site – for free. When you look at this from the author’s perspective or point of view, the guest blogger also wins because he gets to publish his ideas in front of a wider audience – a lost opportunity if he restricts himself to his blog alone. In a way, both the host blogger and the guest blogger get more links, more subscribers and consequently more site traffic. This is made possible because links from guest posts get highly natural feedback. Blog readers who get interested in the blogs’ topic oftentimes would visit the guest blogger’s site, or find the guest blogger a link to another blog relevant to the topic hosted, or from an article related to that reader’s and/or author’s niche.

That is why guest posting is becoming an increasingly practiced key strategy for every author in the blogosphere. Effectively, there are three overarching reasons why such is the case.

Because, one, with guest posting, you make your blog stand out for search engines like Google, Yahoo! or Bing. Usually (and almost all of the time a “non-negotiable condition” in guest posting), the host site will include a link to your blog somewhere in your hosted article (most hosts put the link at the beginning or at the end of the piece). Over time, these backlinks raise the value of your blog to search engines, making your content easier to find by the public.

Two, by guest blogging, you don’t only share an article for the host site; you can also build a friendly relationship with that blogger and his readers. While it is true that bloggers need excellent content, fresh, informative and/ or entertaining articles are oftentimes hard to come by. By being the guest blogger to deliver all of these, you add value to the host’s blog, giving the host something to thank you for. Most of the time, the host and his readers will visit your site, leave a comment, give you an e-mail or two, become one of your subscribers, and some may even grow to become your friends. And with bloggers making up a pretty high percentage of memberships and conversations especially on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, these “netizens” have become increasingly influential, which makes them good friends to have.

Which brings us to, three, perhaps the best part of being a guest blogger: you get to share your message to an already-established community of diverse souls. It’s very satisfying to be part of such a community, allowing you to communicate with people whose views and ideas may be different, but at the same time, may be complementary to your own. If done properly, these sharing of views and ideas benefit you as a blogger, and as a person. If you add value to the discussion on the host site, if you bring in fresh ideas or additional information not privy to other members, you enhance your reputation, attracting more readers, fans and followers in the process.