Really Simple Image SEO Tip for Your Blog

optimize your images

People who spend time online are very visual. That’s why all the new generations of mobile phones now have built-in cameras installed – to allow users to take pictures easily anytime, anywhere and post it to Facebook. It’s also the … Continued

To the Planning Board!

Marketing planning tips

Where did time go? It’s already the second week of December and people are in a jollier, happier mood. There are blinking lights everywhere and window displays are beckoning passers-by to look and spend their bonuses. Small business owners, meanwhile, … Continued

Small Businesses Can Make It on the Web

Small business can beat big guys

In the recently concluded PubCon 2011, Google associate Matt Cutts said that the “Web is the only place where small businesses can move faster than the big guys.” He’s 100% right. Every individual or organization starts the same way in … Continued

Google+ Launches Pages for Businesses

Finally! After months of waiting, online behemoth Google has launched Google+ Pages for Business. It’s an exciting — and overwhelming — time for business owners and marketers around the world as they build their pages on Google+ and analyze how … Continued

Must-Join Social Networks for Small Businesses

small business facebook

Today‚Äôs small business owners are very lucky. All they have to do is log in to their email accounts and they can get business advice and tips right in their inbox. So unlike the days before the Internet when people … Continued

How to Create Custom Facebook Landing Page

Custom Facebook landing page

Facebook page is an important part of the small business online presence, because it’s easy way to connect with people and spread the word about your business. Every fan posting something on your Facebook page will immediately advertise your page … Continued

Reasons Why Small Business Owners Prefer WordPress

DIY wordpress

Looking at many small business web sites now, I am not surprised to discover that many are using WordPress as their content management system (CMS). From being a blogging platform, WordPress has grown to be one of the most used … Continued

Why You Should Dump Your Flash Web Site

No Flash sign

Flash web sites grew into popularity in the last decade, especially among businesses. The technology used produced stunning visual treats that are unique, high tech, and oh-so-appealing to many visitors who liked to see animations and hear sounds when browsing … Continued