5 signs that it’s time to burn your old website

Is your website up to date or is it time to burn it down? Here are 5 signs that tell that it may be time to let it go for good!

Internet changes very fast and if you want to get most of your website, you need to stay up to date with the current technology. I am big fan of recycling, reusing and getting maximum lifetime out of old items myself, but sometimes too much is too much. Here are 5 sure signs that it’s time to burn down your old website and come up with the new design and/or backend.

1. You can not tell “please check my website for more information” without feeling awkward or worried

Will you employ a sales person who is not allowed to talk to prospects? Your website is the face of your company, 24/7 sales representative and source of information. You should be proud of it and being 100% comfortable recommending your client, investor, prospect or business partner to look at the website for more information. And that information must be there – available and easy to find!

2. Your website doesn’t describe all services and products you sell

If prospective customer will open your website, will it be able to learn all about your services and products? Do they have to call you and ask if you do/sell something? And you better not have few years old models or service additions featured as new.

3. To add new content you have to call web designer or use FTP software

Content is most important part of the website for both people and search engines. Adding new content and keeping existing pages up to date is extremely important, so it must be easy task. There is a lot of options for content management, including free open source software  WordPress, so no more excuses! It cost you a lot of time/money not to use one.

4. Your website is done in Flash

Flash doesn’t work on mobile devices and tablets, it needs a lot of resources and it’s not search engines friendly. It’s Okay to keep Flash for some specific functions (assuming there is alternative for non-flash users), but you just can not have whole site or even main navigation done in flash. It kills you!

5. You are using software on the backend which hasn’t been updated for a few years

First of all, there is 99% that there are some security issues with the software which is that old. Besides that, it may just stop working when your hosting provider will get latest versions of server software packages.

So, is it time to start fire?