WordPress is the most popular open source content management system used by millions of websites. WordPress is easy to use, fast, search engines optimized and customizable. WordPress can be used as a content management solution for corporate and small business websites, professional pages and blogs.

What’s a content management system and why do you need it? If you are updating your website by uploading pages to FTP and then worry about having that page linked from all other pages, then you are not using your time very well. WordPress allows you to add and edit pages to your website right from your browser. No special software or skills required.

WordPress also takes care about navigation menus, sitemaps, RSS feeds and all other technical aspects of the content publishing. That means you spend less time updating your website and get a better organized structure for your online pages.

As an open source software, WordPress is free, so you don’t pay licensing fees ever. Another benefit of using open source software is the fact that you have full access to PHP source code, which opens doors for add-ons and customizations. The popularity of WordPress guarantees that there is a lot of community support, plugins, tips and manuals available.

We setup and customize WordPress for you, that includes

  • WordPress installation
  • Website setup
  • Custom templates design
  • WordPress plugins setup and development
  • Integration with other software and services
  • Content entry and writing services
  • Training – we show you how to manage your own website

In addition, we will help you to create a plan for your website building efforts – that includes topics, keywords, frequency of updates and marketing strategy.