Must-Join Social Networks for Small Businesses

small business facebook

Today‚Äôs small business owners are very lucky. All they have to do is log in to their email accounts and they can get business advice and tips right in their inbox. So unlike the days before the Internet when people … Continued

How to Create Custom Facebook Landing Page

Custom Facebook landing page

Facebook page is an important part of the small business online presence, because it’s easy way to connect with people and spread the word about your business. Every fan posting something on your Facebook page will immediately advertise your page … Continued

Does your business need a mobile website?

Mobile websites for small business

Mobile access to the internet is growing daily with more and more people jumping on the smart phones bandwagon. So naturally comes a question, does you business need a mobile website? Let’s start with basics. What is the mobile website? … Continued

Advanced use of Google Analytics

I was talking to our web design clients and realized that Google analytics is somewhat a mystery for people. Most websites have it’s code, but a lot of owners stopped there. Well, may be checking general statistics once in a … Continued

Know where your best sales are coming from

There is a number of way how people get to your website, and also, that means there is a lot options where to spend time and money to advertise your website. If you check your website statistics, you will be … Continued

Listen to the buzz

You can subscribe to Google Alerts on keywords you are interested in and get email from Google when they discover new page with those keywords. Make sure you subscribed to get alerts when someone mentions your company name and follow … Continued