Fast Website Speed = Better Sales Performance

Slow website is a killer of your online success. It’s bad for users and it’s bad for SEO. Be aware of your website speed and fix most important bottlenecks to achieve great improvements.

Website is done! What’s next?

Creating a website and setting it live is a big reason to celebrate, but guess what? Just having a website online doesn’t magically do a lot of good yet for your business.┬áThere are some important things to look at, for … Continued

Website Health Checklist

What makes website healthy? We recently came up with 50-points inspection for a websites, it’s good for brand new development as well as for “annual checkup” at the website doctor’s office So, here is a list of items we are … Continued

Listen to the buzz

You can subscribe to Google Alerts on keywords you are interested in and get email from Google when they discover new page with those keywords. Make sure you subscribed to get alerts when someone mentions your company name and follow … Continued