Not sure how to make your website work for your business?
…or just need help setting up your goals and finding obstacles?

Having a clear roadmap will help you to direct your efforts with online marketing to get results you want. Unfortunately, many small businesses struggle with all the technology and options available and have a difficult time setting up a clear plan. As a result, marketing dollars are wasted and things are just not happening as fast as you’d like.

Does it sound like your business? I can help.

I’m offering a 1 hour Website Accelerator session via Skype.
In this session:

  • we will work together to make sure you are crystal clear about what it is you want
  • discover the hidden roadblocks that are holding you back (and they are not usually where you think they might be)
  • develop a three step plan for taking massive action in the next two weeks to fast-track your results
  • after the call you will receive a report with the discovered issues, solutions and action plan

In this session, I will save you months of mistakes and thousands of dollars in failed experiments.

This is not for the faint-hearted and not suitable for you unless you are prepared to roll your sleeves up and do the work.

Get Started

So, are you ready for a hands-on review of your online marketing strategy and website? Order your website accelerator session now!

  • Contact Info

  • Even if we chat on Skype, let me know your contact phone as a backup.
  • I prefer Skype for Website Accelerator sessions as it allows sharing screen and sending instant messages (links, etc). If for some reason Skype is not an option for you, we can connect on the phone, just leave this field empty.
  • If you want to work on existing website, give me an URL, so I can review it before our call.
  • Goals

    What are the main 3 goals you'd like to achieve with your web presence in the next 6 months?
  • Tell me in your own words, what kind of issues, pains, concerns do you have with your current website / marketing plan. May be some specific things you want to learn.
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  • Price: $ 497.00 CAD

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