Search engines are really important source of the visitors for your website. So, to maximize visitors flow, your website should follow the rules and best practices of the search engines word. The process of making this happen is often called Search Engines Optimization, or SEO. The ultimate goal is helping Google, Bing and other search engines to index website, which means visiting every page, and then figure out what the site is about, what topics it covers and pop it in front of people looking for the information your site has.

We offer full range of services related to search engines optimization (SEO).

We start with the analysis of the website, that includes site content, structure, pages format, even site speed. In other words, it’s thorough inspection of your website to find any possible obstacles between your website and top position in the search results.

Once inspection is done, you’ll get a report with recommendations on improvements. Our goal is to give prioritized list of suggestions for improving site search engines ranking with plain language explanations what to do, how to do and why that needs to be done. When you see the list of recommendations, you pick the pace and we proceed with the changes, bringing you closer to the top rank.

We can handle implementation of our SEO recommendations for you, or, if you have in house web designer, we will be happy to guide them and provide required training and help with the improvements, we also review finished work to confirm that all recommendations were followed and implemented.

Another important part of the SEO process is keywords analysis. Do you know how people are searching services or products like yours? Well, we can’t really look into their minds, but we can do the next best thing – use keywords analysis tools to find out most popular search queries which match your website content and give you the suggestions of keywords to use as headlines for your pages and posts. Doing so will increase your site ranking for selected keywords and bring more visitors.

Website SEO is not just one time thing to do, it’s ongoing efforts, so to succeed in that, you need continuous efforts to guarantee that your investment pays off. You can count on us for creating a plan for ongoing search engines optimization tactics, content and marketing strategy, including social media presence. We also provide monitoring, analytics and re-inspections of your website in regard to search engines rankings.

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