If your company wants to get social, it’s easier than you think! Facebook presence opens door for new customers and allows to connect with your current ones. Having a Facebook page for the company is pretty much like having a website – just this one exists in the social media world.

Start with creating a Facebook Page for your company. Once you have the page, get social plugins integrated into your website (you probably seen Like buttons and boxes with fans faces on other websites Рthat works like a magic!). Next step, customize landing page on Facebook Рthat makes you stand out from the crowd. Once all those items are done, start talking! Chat with your customers, ask questions, post news (not just your own news, share something interesting and fun). Keep in mind, once people start talking about you, all their friends will see it on there walls! So, there is a snowball effect waiting to happen.

Not convinced yet?¬†Check this – Like button on the website effect – you get free brand awareness (and it’s huge) and then some visitors.

See how Like button advertises your brand and brings visitors

Now, you may ask why Facebook? And that’s right, there is a lot of social networks popping up! It may be a good idea to think where people you want to attract to your company spend their time. More often than not, Facebook is a winner. Reason is simple – they got more people. As far as I know – my parents and all my friends have an account on Facebook. They may never heard about half of other networks. So, if I had to choose just one – it’s an easy choice.

Here is how we can help you to get a slice of social media pie

  • Facebook page customization
  • Social plugins integration
  • Open graph markup implementation (that’s how you tell Facebook about your site, products, etc)
  • Facebook ads setup and management
  • Facebook page management if you are too busy to do it yourself

So, it’s time to get social! Don’t forget to follow us for web development, SEO and marketing tips and let’s make your website work for you!