How to maximize return on investment into your company database

You know that your company’s database need some updates because doesn’t cover anymore all aspects of your company’s operations. It could be a lot of different things, just you give you some examples:

  • there is new data which needs to be stored in the database;
  • you added some new processes;
  • new roles were added to the company who need a different kind of access;
  • development of technology opened new opportunities and now some work maybe done from tablets or phones by people not sitting in the office;
  • maybe you don’t actually have a database yet and just planning one for your company?

Speaking to clients I find very often that there are lots and lots of ideas on how their processes and access to data can be improved, and how it all “should” work, but do you know what often happens?


And the reason is really simple – too many choices makes it too hard to make a decision. When you don’t have a system in place on how to organize your ideas and prioritize them, you just have a huge to-do list and fear of making a mistake which will suck all your budget and won’t result in a noticeable improvements to the company’s bottom line.

But problem is that by doing nothing, you are not just staying still, you are actually slowly moving backward. You keep adding data to the system, there are new products and employees added to the company and your wish list keeps growing.

Working with companies who are in the same situation as you are in now, I developed a simple worksheet which helps to prioritize your database development tasks and identify some easy wins for your company. In addition to a worksheet, I’ll send you tips on how to work through it and will help you finding those low hanging fruits to help your company’s bottom line and make you a champion.

Get your Maximizing ROI into Database Development worksheet