Is Your Website Haunted by Those Evil Spirits?

Websites which are slow as zombies, ugly as Frankenstein monster and haunted by ghost don’t really help your business. Who you gonna call?

Happy Halloween! While we enjoy all sort of scary creatures on this day, here is a quick checklist of the evil things which may be taking over your website as we speak.

Zombies may be coming after your website. Once bitten, your pages become slow. That annoys and scares visitors, even Google doesn’t appreciate zombies. Do a quick Zombie infection test – see if yours is affected.

Ghosts in the code show up when they wish and haunt your visitors. Features which always worked start randomly getting broken or move out of place. Sometimes ghosts are just the souls of old web browsers and coding done to make them work, sometimes it’s just the sloppy code. May be it’s time to call ghost busters?

Another common issue is websites becoming a Frankenstein monster. It used to look good, but than you added some piece, and then another piece, now it looks all patched and glued together, but lacks consistency and doesn’t please the eyes, making the user experience pretty poor.

If you now feel worried about monsters and daemons hiding in your website, we have a special treat for you – free quick website checkup. Just send us website URL and contact email to send report to – we will perform a quick inspection of your website to see if there are any monsters hiding and sucking life of your online success!

Who you gonna call?