Google Published New SEO Guide

New version of Google’s Search Optimization Started Guide has been published and is free to download in PDF format.

SEO or Search engines optimization is hot topic, I hear this word quite often. SEO is basically about making your website search engines friendly, with ultimate goal to appear higher on the search results pages in Google and Bing and as a result get more traffic to the site.

If you search “SEO” itself, you will get a lot of resources with all kind of tips, advice and theories (sometimes just a tiny bit short of being voodoo or black magic rituals) how to get to the first page in the Google. So, which tips to follow and which one can actually harm your website?

Google has published a new version of document for webmasters named “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide“. Don’t be confused with words “Starter Guide”. It got a lot of important rules and best practices for the site structure and content organization. So, before applying any other techniques, it’s important to make sure that website follows the basic rules outlined by Google (and who else can give you better insight into search engines optimization).

Some of the topics covered in the guide:

  • Site structure
  • Content optimization
  • Site maps
  • Best practices mobile sites

So, if you own a website, make sure your webmaster read this document and follows all standards.