Top 5 Drag and Drop WordPress Themes

Over 60 million people are using WordPress to build their web sites. Why? Because it’s a very powerful software and it costs nothing to use. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can have WordPress installed on your site and you’ll have a basic web site up and running.

But what really draws people to WordPress is the fact that it is easy to use. You can make it beautiful even if you don’t know a single thing about CSS , HTM, MySQL, and other stuff that web programmers live for. Using pre-designed WordPress themes and templates, you can turn a simple web site to a fancy personal blog, business web site, or an online portfolio. Really powerful.

drag and drop wordpress

Default theme when you install WordPress

Suppose you don’t want a ready-made WordPress theme. Would there be a theme that you can play around with? YES. These are called drag and drop WordPress themes and it allows you to define what you want to see on every page of your web site. You can move widgets and content boxes as much as you want until you get your desired look.

Here are several drag and drop WordPress themes worth looking into:


Were you fond of Legos as a child? Then you might like Headway. This theme lets your build your web site in three easy steps – place your blocks, set your options, and customize background, fonts, colors, and more using it’s intuitive visual editor.

Price: $68

iThemes Builder

If you like different layouts for your home page, pages, and posts, then you’ll like playing with the iThemes framework. It has a layout engine that makes it easy to customize each page of your web site by adding or removing modules and widgets. You can use child themes to give you a headstart on the design process.

Price: $80

BizzThemes framework

I find that this framework from BizzThemes very suitable for building a web site for your business. Features include a layout engine for simple drag and drop editing of templates, conditional logic for editing, simple SEO for working with search engines, and flexible design control. There are several themes to choose from to make the design process easy.

Price:  $69

Freebie: Selected themes have Free packages available, which are stripped from premium theme features like SEO, branding and other options.

Pagelines + Platform

Both developed by PageLines in California, Pagelines and Platform are drag and drop frameworks for WordPress and HTML5.  I am not really sure what the difference is between the two but you can find that out by trying their free versions.  I tried Pagelines Lite and it was so easy configuring the settings to my preferences.

Price: $197


A total design suite and powerful application builder. This is how Wonder Founder is marketing its Ultimatum wordpress builder.  It has a drag and drop layout builder, a style editor, and SEO options. It’s different from the others mentioned above in the fact that it allows you to build unlimited forms for your web site without additional plug-ins. There’s also a lot of fonts and shortcodes that you can use to create a rockin’ web site.

Price: $65

Watch out for Thesis 2.0

The Thesis theme from DIYThemes is not a drag and drop theme at the moment. However, it’s creator Chris Pearson has announced that Thesis 2.0 will allow users to drag and elements in the theme settings. This is clearly good news for the 46,307 people that are using Thesis at the moment.

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