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Why Smart Foxes?

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We measure our success by the value your company received in the return on your investment in web development.
-Andrei Filonov, Smart Foxes Inc.

Are you looking for the web developer who will understand your business?

Have you ever hired a web developer? If you did, you may now realize, that while there is a lot of talent available, it’s not always working out to be a great return on your investment.

Most web developers concentrate on the single task – writing good code. Of course, that’s important skill, but imagine how your business will grow if you could get someone on your team who is not just a programmer, but also will become your business partner and guide you through all the technology and develop solutions with your specific business goals in mind, and help you to reach those goals!

We want to be your business partner

Our goal at Smart Foxes is to immerse ourselves into your business to learn how it works and discover the pains which are slowing down your success.

We want to learn about you and your company, find out what you want tomorrow to look like and help you to make your vision of tomorrow a reality.

How we work

We know that you don’t want just a website or web application. What you really want is more customers, more revenue and more profit. That’s why we start with the discovery – we want to learn as much as we can about your business, how it works, who your customers are, what makes your customers to buy. We are also looking for the obstacles which are getting in your way and create pains for you and your employees and lead to frustration and productivity loss, reducing your revenue.

Once the discovery stage is completed we will create a road map and start incrementally making adjustments to act on key performance indicators and lead your business to more profit.

Ready to start?

Reserve a confidential consultation and let’s see how we can help you make more money!

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